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MentorConnex is a service-marketplace.  We bring together authentic, expert business mentors and coaches, and growth-focused business owners and builders, through our one-of-a-kind mentoring and coaching platform.

Here's a few of the reasons our customers choose MentorConnex over traditional mentoring and coaching options.

1-to-1 only

Forget one-size-fits-all ‘blueprints’, ‘systems’, group sessions, or online courses.  We’re all about one-to-one advice and guidance, specific to you, and your unique needs.

Authentic experts

Connect with confidence: only genuine mentors and coaches, with the right expertise and motivations, pass our 7-step vetting process; and, are held to high standards by our code of conduct, and ongoing feedback loop.

Dynamic matching process

We’re not keen on shaky algorithms, or ‘swiping right’, so instead, we’ll personally help you get the right fit for you, by giving you three options, matched to your needs, for you to interview and then choose your favourite(s).

No lock-in contracts

Simple, fixed pricing, month-to-month plans, and no lock-in contracts help your budgeting process and allow you to pay as you go.

Ready to leap over pitfalls?

Hit the button to schedule a call with a MentorConnex consultant, and start the matching process.

MentorConnex Kate Dezarnaulds founder of WorkLife

I originally contacted MentorConnex looking for some expert advice at a particularly big juncture for our business…I just wanted a sounding board and some external inputs to make sure that we made a big decision with confidence.

The only hesitation I had about using MentorConnex was once I was introduced to the profile of my mentors, I was a little bit worried that they were over-qualified and over-engineered for the scale of our business…but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The outcomes were that I managed to hold my nerve during what was a fairly lengthy negotiation! I was really clear on the numbers on what was a good deal for us and what represented too much of a risk. I’m heading forward with a much clearer picture of what expansion looks like for us and more of the sort of risk parameters that we are able and willing to take without putting the rest of the business at risk. 

[It was] a really, really great experience and a relationship that I’m going to draw on plenty of value from into the future.”

Kate Dezarnaulds, Founder – WorkLife

…having your own business can be quite a lonely journey. I was at a point where we were growing quite fast and I felt that I needed some help and guidance from somebody much more expert than me. And with much more experience to make sure that I really went into the next stage of the business journey properly and in the right fashion and that I was growing the business as it should be done.
Engaging a mentor through MentorConnex has definitely been the best thing that I have done for a long time. It’s been a really awesome journey so far… I’m really, really grateful to the team of MentorConnex.

- Lucy Bingle, Lucy Bingle LinkedIn

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We help entrepreneurs and business owners avoid pitfalls, smash procrastination, and plot a course to turn your vision into a reality, by matching and connecting you with carefully vetted experts for unbiased, one-to-one advice and guidance, personal to you.

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