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Seeking expertise

Firstly, we aren’t business coaches or mentors.

We are business builders and leaders, who wanted a better way to access the advice and guidance we needed, hassle-free.

This is why we created MentorConnex.

Our primary purpose is to get you matched to the right expertise.

Then, it’s to help you get maximum bang for your buck through our one-of-a-kind platform.

And to support you long term, whether you want to change experts, connect with more, increase or decrease the frequency of sessions, take a holiday, or just have a chin wag.

All without lock-in contracts, or upfront payments.

Accountability and consistency through weekly or bi-weekly sessions have been proven time and again to get the best results.

That said, you can choose between weekly, fortnightly, or ad-hoc (as and when you need) contact with your expert(s).

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, that’s what we’re here for.  We’ll help you get the right expertise, and help you decide how often you should connect. 

Typically 30 or 60 minutes depending on what you need.

Occasionally you may chose to book a 90-minute session for strategic initiatives.

We recommend scheduling weekly 30-minute or fortnightly 60-minutes sessions for the best results.

Wherever you want.

You’re office, your favourite coffee shop, even the bath.

Through the MentorConnex platform, you can meet anywhere, anytime via secure video call.

(Just think of all the travel time you’ll save!)

The MentorConnex platform brings modern technology to an old as time practice – sharing knowledge.

We want you to get the absolute most from your coaching or mentoring sessions. That means being able to access the best advice for you, irrespective of geographical location. It also means having somewhere to view profiles of experts and potential experts, book sessions in an instant (without the back and forth), record sessions notes, set, store and track the progress of your goals, and much more.

The MentorConnex platform was designed specifically for these reasons.


While structured programs work brilliantly for business coaches and mentors looking to scale their business, we firmly believe that every business owner and business is unique.

So while we recommend certain fundamentals, such as scheduling regular meetings, our focus is on getting you the right match and helping you connect easily via our platform – not creating generic programs.


We believe the best results come from the one-to-one engagement that is personal to you.

Whilst it has its place, we find generic information, group sessions and pre-determined programs work for the coach who wants to scale their business, not for you, with your unique situation, challenges, and goals.

This is why we focus on one-to-one guidance and advice only.

We have solutions for most budgets, starting from several hundred dollars a month. Book a call with our team to discuss which plan is right for you.

We offer two types of plans, month-to-month and pay as you go.

With our month-to-month plans, you will be charged on the same day each month. This is popular with business owners looking for consistency, accountability, and simple budgeting.

With our PAYG plans, you will be charged a small monthly membership fee, and then simply pay each time you book a session.

You can cancel anytime, with no lock-in contract.

Rates vary depending on what you need, which is why we always start with a phone call. Hit the button above to book in to discuss which plan is best for you.


We have no lock-in contract, you can cancel anytime, and for the first 30-days, or one hour of mentoring or coaching time (whichever comes first), you can cancel with a full refund, no questions asked.

You can change experts anytime, and we will be here to help you find the best match for whatever challenges you are tackling.

MentorConnex experts are carefully chosen.

They are genuine, down-to-earth, and understand where you are coming from.

Despite having huge amounts of experience, and enviable business records, they will not judge you.

They’ve been in your shoes, tackled the challenges you are facing, and they want to help.

It’s never too early (or too late) to connect with experts – whether it’s a pre-launch/idea stage start-up, or an established business gearing up for a lucrative exit.

The right experts will help you leap over pitfalls, leave procrastination in the rearview, and obliterate your goals, no matter what stage your business is at.

Hit the ‘book a call’ button to chat with one of our team.

Become an expert

We are currently looking for experienced business mentors, coaches, and leaders, who want to give back.

If you have specialist skills, or experience leading a team, we may also be able to help you connect with people who you can help, though note we are not currently offering training, so past experience is important.

The most important characteristic MentorConnex experts must demonstrate is a desire to help others achieve more.

If you are not sure whether you will qualify, reach out to us at


You will be financially rewarded for investing your time, energy, and expertise.

The rates you earn will be dependent on your level of expertise, experience mentoring and coaching, and time dedicated to your mentees.

Our vetting and feedback processes are critical to the success of our customers, our experts, and MentorConnex.

It gives our customers the confidence they are receiving advice from qualified, genuine experts. It gives our experts credibility and protects the reputation of our community.


Many of our experts do.

As long as you respect our code of conduct, and do not use MentorConnex as a lead generator or up-sell opportunity, there is no reason why MentorConnex cannot complement your existing practices.


We provide a high-level framework, the MentorConnex Way, that is designed to help you and your clients get the most from your sessions, and measure and track success.

However, this is intended to complement, rather than replace, any methodologies or practices you have designed and perfected.

The most important thing, is the customer (and you) get results. So during the vetting process, we will spend some time discussing how you work so we can match you to the best business owners and leaders.

We will work to your availability. All we ask is that you let us know, in advance, if you are reaching capacity or need to reduce availability.

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