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If you are an authentic business mentor or coach, we will help you have more impact, by connecting you with committed business owners and leaders, in need of your specific expertise.

It's never been easier to help others succeed

You've got hard earned knowledge and expertise, you want put to good use by helping others. But you don't want to spend your time doing sales and marketing, negotiating rates, or chasing invoices. At MentorConnex we take care of that for you.

Focus on what matters

We’ll do the sales and marketing, so you can focus on what you love doing: helping others.

Dynamic matching

Get matched to clients, and put your skills, knowledge and expertise to work where they will have the most impact.

Purpose-built platform

Savour more ‘me’ time; meet anywhere, anytime via the secure MentorConnex platform.

See the difference

Set and track goals, milestones, and actions in the MentorConnex platform, and measure the impact you are having.

Application Process

Preserving the integrity of our expert community best serves our clients and experts. This is why we have created a unique, 7-step vetting process for every potential new mentor or coach.


Tell us about you

We’ll start with a preliminary questionnaire, followed by a more detailed questionnaire for us to understand your expertise, experience, and preferred areas of specialism.


3 x referees

We will ask for details of three referees (clients, mentees or, team members you have managed) who will in turn receive an online, multiple-choice survey.


One-to-one interview

A one-to-one interview with a MentorConnex consultant. We will have questions for you, and are ready to answer any you may have, as well as discuss the process and how it works.


The MentorConnex Way

All mentors agree to the MentorConnex Way, our mentoring and coaching framework.  Have your own methodology? No problem.  The MentorConnex Way is intended to complement, rather than replace, the great work you already do.


Ongoing feedback loop

After every session, we ask for feedback from you and (optionally) your mentee.  The primary purpose is to ensure both you and your mentee are getting maximum value from your relationships, and we’re ready to help out when we need to.

It’s been great. The platform we use through the MentorConnex portal is straightforward to understand, and the quality of the clients that they’ve introduced me to has been fantastic. I’m really pleased.”
Mark Pope, serial entrepreneur, CEO & MentorConnex expert

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By entering your contact details, you agree to MentorConnex Privacy Policy (click here to view).


We are currently looking for experienced business mentors, coaches, and leaders, who want to give back.

If you have specialist skills, or experience leading a team, we may also be able to help you connect with people who you can help, though note we are not currently offering training, so past experience is important.

The most important characteristic MentorConnex experts must demonstrate is a desire to help others achieve more.

If you are not sure whether you will qualify, reach out to us at


You will be financially rewarded for investing your time, energy, and expertise.

The rates you earn will be dependent on your level of expertise, experience mentoring and coaching, and time dedicated to your mentees.

Our vetting and feedback processes are critical to the success of our customers, our experts, and MentorConnex.

It gives our customers the confidence they are receiving advice from qualified, genuine experts. It gives our experts credibility and protects the reputation of our community.


Many of our experts do.

As long as you respect our code of conduct, and do not use MentorConnex as a lead generator or up-sell opportunity, there is no reason why MentorConnex cannot complement your existing practices.


We provide a high-level framework, the MentorConnex Way, that is designed to help you and your clients get the most from your sessions, and measure and track success.

However, this is intended to complement, rather than replace, any methodologies or practices you have designed and perfected.

The most important thing, is the customer (and you) get results. So during the vetting process, we will spend some time discussing how you work so we can match you to the best business owners and leaders.

We will work to your availability. All we ask is that you let us know, in advance, if you are reaching capacity or need to reduce availability.

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