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All The Benefits Of Business Coaching. None Of The Hassles.

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MentorConnex is a revolutionary new platform that makes it easier than ever to get the right advice and guidance for you.

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“The calibre and range of experts is excellent… Thank you MentorConnex!”
- Jo Haynes

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Smart business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals across Australia are using MentorConnex to access the advice and guidance they need. Here's why.

Connect effortlessly

Imagine waking up to three professionally vetted expert profiles, personally matched to your needs. Simply choose your favourites and book a free introductory session, before you decide who you want to work with.

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Chat from anywhere at anytime

Save travel time by holding your sessions through secure video call through the MentorConnex platform.

Take notes while you chat and store them, your goals and actions online where they're safe, so you never have that "what was it they said?" moment again.

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With a platform that adapts to your needs

Change experts as your needs evolve or even build a team of experts. Your very own “brains trust”.

So whatever the future holds, accessing the right advice and guidance is not something you'll need to worry about.

Ready to connect with someone who can help?

Get Started Today And Claim Two Free 1-2-1 Sessions With Vetted Expert Business Coaches Matched To Your Needs

Meet our experts

Every one of the 50+ MentorConnex expert coaches and mentors in our community has passed our 7-step vetting process, and committed to our strict code of conduct and ongoing feedback loop.

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"Natasha doesn't bullshit, but gets right to the heart of the matter and doesn't let you hide behind excuses"

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"We have so much to thank Chris for. He enabled us to work ON the business not IN the business, and massively increase our 'sell-a-bility'"

"Robin is a fantastic mentor/coach, and has been an asset for my success and personal development"


"Leanne is probably the most qualified and experienced person to become a startup mentor in the Illawarra region"

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"Paul is a rounded and battle-hardened entrepreneur. Highly recommend him"

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"You won't find a better networker, mentor or coach who genuinely cares about the outcome"

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"Debbie never let's me settle. She is always pushing me to ensure I never sit still"

"I have so much to thank Mark for. It's not overstating the case to say he's changed my life"

Simple, transparent pricing

No lock-in contracts means your cashflow is protected. And month-to-month plans (no lump sums payments) mean one less budgeting headache.


Get connected to amazing MentorConnex expert, there when you need them, for the price of a good book
$ 27 AUD monthly + $3 GST
  • Exclusive access to MentorConnex professionally vetted pool of expert mentors and coaches
  • (Optional) 30-minute Discovery Session with a MentorConnex consultant to diagnose your challenges and pinpoint your needs
  • MentorConnex Expert Matching Protocols: receive 3 personally matched expert profiles to choose from
  • MentorConnex Platform Access hold your sessions securely wherever you are. Store session notes, goals and more, somewhere they will never be lost
  • Book sessions when you need them, at $145 +GST per 30-mins, or $255 + GST per 60-mins
  • Ongoing MentorConnex support: here whenever you need us


Accelerate your results through consistency and accountability, for the price of a
$ 487 AUD monthly + $49 GST
  • Everything from standard plus...
  • 2 x free introductory sessions: "interview" your preferred two expert options before deciding who to work with
  • 60-minute kick off session with your preferred expert to , and set actions for hitting them
  • Weekly accountability and strategy sessions (capped at 4 per month)
  • Additional sessions bookable anytime (subject to expert availability)
  • Change experts anytime at zero additional cost

PLUS our 'Iron Clad' 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back - No Questions Asked - For A Full 30-days

If you aren't happy at any point in the first 30-days, simply email us at with 'refund' in the header, and we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

Here's what others are saying

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"Engaging a mentor through MentorConnex has definitely been the best thing that I have done for a long time. It’s been a really awesome journey so far… I’m really, really grateful to the team of MentorConnex.”

- Lucy Bingle, Founder - Lucy Bingle LinkedIn

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"The only hesitation I had about using MentorConnex was once I was introduced to the profile of my mentors, I was a little bit worried that they were over-qualified… but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was a really, really great experience..."

- Kate Dezarnaulds, Founder - WorkLife

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"I’d been doing some research but hadn’t really found the right information, or the right fit for my business. After catching up with a couple of [MentorConnex] experts, it was honestly a no-brainer to go ahead. It’s so invaluable. I was given actionable insights from the get-go. I’m really excited about the opportunities that MentorConnex has provided me and my business."

- Brittney Kenward, Founder - Be Physiology

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"It’s the first time I can remember [since starting my business] that I feel confident about what lies ahead. I have a clear plan, I’m more focused. And my productivity is through the roof. It’s been awesome.”

– Dan Geen, Founder – Geen Design.

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"MentorConnex is amazing. They know what they are doing… go above and beyond to help you find the right experts. Excellent communication. [They] understand you and find the right expert that suits your need. I highly recommend them.”

- Chai Bade, Founder - Get n' Fix

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"The calibre and range of experts is excellent and the process and service provided by MentorConnex has been invaluable to my business and my personal progression. Thank you MentorConnex for launching a service that tackles a pain point that many individuals and businesses have – finding a good mentor!”

- Jo Haynes, Founder - Blink Republic

Join other smart business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are using MentorConnex to access the advice and guidance they need

Frequently asked questions

When you hit the button, you’ll be asked to register your details and login.

From there, you will choose your plan, pay your first month.

Next, you will complete your profile which will give us the critical information we need to match you.  If you get stuck or aren’t sure exactly what type of expert you are looking for, or which challenges you should be tackling, you can book a free discovery ‘diagnosis’ call with one of our experts, where we will help you pinpoint your challenges, and guide you on the best option for you.

Once we have the information we need, we will send you three matched expert profiles.

Standard plan members can choose a favourite and get started.  Or book a 30-minute session to get to know your matches better, before you decide who you want to work with.  Standard session rates will apply.

Momentum plan members can book two 30-minute introductory sessions with your preferred two options, a no additional cost to you before you decide who you want to work with.  This will not affect your available session credits for the month.

Firstly, we aren’t business coaches or mentors.

We are business builders and leaders, who wanted a better way to access the advice and guidance we needed, hassle-free.

This is why we created MentorConnex.

Our primary purpose is to get you matched to the right expertise.

Then, it’s to help you get maximum bang for your buck through our one-of-a-kind platform.

And to support you long term, whether you want to change experts, connect with more, increase or decrease the frequency of sessions, take a holiday, or just have a chin wag.

All without lock-in contracts, or upfront payments.

So we start with a call to get to know you a bit, talk about the right expertise for you, and go from there.

Find our more here, or hit the button above and book a call.

The MentorConnex platform brings modern technology to an old as time practice – sharing knowledge.

We want you to get the absolute most from your coaching or mentoring sessions. That means being able to access the best advice for you, irrespective of geographical location. It also means having somewhere to view profiles of experts and potential experts, book sessions in an instant (without the back and forth), record sessions notes, set, store and track the progress of your goals, and much more.

The MentorConnex platform includes all this functionality and more.

Standard plan members will be charged a monthly membership fee on the anniversary of your sign-up date.  You will then be charged each time you book a session with your expert.

Momentum plan members will be charged a monthly fee on the anniversary of your sign-up date.  Your plan includes up to 4x 30-minute or 2x 60-minute sessions per month (you may take these however you choose).  Additional sessions beyond that will be charged at the time of booking.

We currently have a 97% success rate, and are working to improve this all the time.

However, we are a growing business with a growing pool of experts, and this means that sometimes we are unable to find the right match, or, we need to go in search of the right match on your behalf, and then onboard them into our community via the usual vetting process.

If the latter happens, we will inform you and ensure you receive no further charges until we have the right match for you.  And of course, if you prefer not to wait, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

We operate a low-cost based model, using technology to scale our business efficiently. 

For example, we have no physical premises to pay for.

The mentors and coaches in our community accept lower fees than they would ordinarily because we cover their marketing and sales costs, and through our platform and video facility significantly reduce their admin and operating costs.

This allows us to give you access to top-quality expert mentors and coaches, and a lower cost than traditional operating models.

Note from our founder

I started MentorConnex because of my own challenges getting access to the advice and guidance I needed for my first business, Pink Junk.

That business failed. And still to this day I believe that if I'd had the right expertise to turn to I would have made better decisions, and the business would still be alive.

But as my nan always said, "when one door closes, another one opens".

And it was the failure of that business that led to the genesis of MentorConnex.

Our mission is to create a vibrant, global online community where anyone in the world can access one-to-one advice, personal to them, from vetted, expert mentors and coaches.

And we'd love to help you!

Now, 'why are you giving away two free sessions?' you might be wondering. Well let me tell you...

I understand that any new investment is a risk. And I want you to experience what we can do in the most risk free way possible. Which is why we created this offer.

If you get huge value (I truly believe you will) chance are you'll become a customer. And if not, that's OK too!

Talk soon,

Founder, MentorConnex

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